Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perry Mason

Hey Nesters! Everyone knows that I'm a big glass fanatic. I love bell jars, vases, decanters and soap dispensers but the one thing that gets me choked up is a beautifully utilized mason jar.

You'll remember that I use one as a pen holder on my desk.

And I'm dreaming up all kinds of alternative uses as well. But in the meantime I thought I'd share with you guys, a little mason jar eye candy. Enjoy!

Don't they all just make you feel so comfy and like you're on a cozy farm? *Swoon!*
Hope you liked them! Stay tuned for more from Temporary Nest!


  1. ohh I love the lemonade glasses :o)

  2. i LOVE mason jars! {so much that i have an entire day devoted to them every week} :)

    lovely little details {blog}

  3. I love them too so many great ideas on pinterest too I love it do you know where you get the lids for drinking out of the the jar with a straw? thanks Julia

  4. Hey Julia,

    I'm not sure but I bet you could DIY them with an exacto knife and a very steady hand!! :)


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