Friday, June 18, 2010

Those with glass houses...

For a long time I was never one to like "knick-knacks" but in the recent past I have begun appreciating pieces that, when juxtaposed correctly, create a beautiful vignette. I had been eyeing the assortment of glass vases and bell jars at TJ Maxx for months and when I popped in this week, I had a mini debate with myself and then walked out $9.99 less rich and with a huge grin on my face.  Planning how it would be put to use.

The hodgepodge of glassware that they had there was overwhelming and could have taken this very same display in many different directions.  I just couldn't help but think of this post and I plan on making my own nest of sorts in this jar, reminiscent of Joni and Erics' bell jar with a nest.

The dried roses were a dozen that Matt got me for my birthday last year. I used to have it in a tall gold flecked vase that you can see in this post.

But I switched it up and replaced it with a vintage looking milk bottle.  {If you live in the greater Boston area, head over to Wilson's Farm in Lexington and they sell the best, most decadent chocolate milk on the planet in these bottles. If you don't like milk, they're worth it for the bottle alone!} Pretty cool, right?

I am loving all the clear glass together.  They frame the gallery wall really beautifully, but also are not clunky and hiding it.  I couldn't be more happy with my purchase!

Stay tuned to see how it goes making my own faux nest!

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