Friday, June 25, 2010

Lay it out on the line... again...

Back in April, before I had even moved in, I was already planning where all my furniture would go. Remember I was testing out my lay outs in this post? Once the lugging of all my junk was finished, I ended up with a similar version of possibility number 4. 

This is the layout-- that was drastically out of scale. If this apartment was actually this big, I would be living in the lap of luxury.  Alas, this is not the case.  The only difference in the current space versus the layout above, is that I moved the desk to where the silver dresser is {the silver dresser is depicted by the rectangle with 2 circles to represent lamps} and the silver dresser to the bare wall to the left of the couch. 

Seeing as though I want to consolidate my two bookshelves into one that would free up some well needed space.  I'm also unhappy with the placement of my desk in the room. It feels like I have a couch in my office instead of having a desk in my living room.  I've decided to put my desk in front of the windows and bring the arm chair around the other side of the couch, under the gallery of frames where the silver dresser was and put the dresser where the desk was. Check out the new potential lay out:

I have to admit though, I'm happy I laid everything out the way I have now.  You never know how something is going to feel until you've lived in it for a while.  Now I know how to judge what would work and what wouldn't in this space. I love those windows and want to take advantage of their light. I also feel like the TV is getting swallowed alive by the desk. Given, I do have a temporary nest TV stand in use now that is not as lofty as the cedar chest but either way, I just wasn't loving it.

I'm not going to rush into anything. I have a little while before I can consolidate those bookcases which would be the kick-off to this switcheroo but I am excited about the new set up! 

Have you ever thought about just up and changing all of your furniture around in your apartment? Did you change your life by moving your couch three inches to the right? Let us know!

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