Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shades of White

Heya Nesters!  I decided to drop by my favorite discount retailer last evening: The Christmas Tree Shops.  Without having thought much about it before, the light dawned and I made a big difference to my living room.

I was browsing through the lamp section, because yes, I am still looking for the perfect accent lamp.  I fell short in the lamp base portion but I mozied into the isle of lamp shades.  As soon as I saw these shades I realized how much I loathed the ones I had on my lamps right now! 

My old roommate had bought them when our living room was primarily a Merlot color and left them when she moved out.  In the meantime, I hadn't given them much thought at all, but seeing as though nothing in my house is wine based anymore {except what's in my glass} I knew they needed a swift kick to the curb.  So I picked up two shades that are slightly larger than the last set and are unbleached cotton, giving it very natural look.  The others were faux satin and they just looked kind of ... cheap.  Don't get me wrong, Nesters, these two shades were a whopping $1.99 each! {happy dance!} They may have been cheap but they don't look cheap.

They really do change the look of the whole living room.

Before the change, this room was much darker,  now with the white shades, these lamps shed twice the light. And they work with the neutral color scheme of the whole living room which is primarily, browns, off white and greens.  

So what do you think about my 5 minute, $4 make over? Not too shabby, right?

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