Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Heart NY

Hey there Nesters! So, remember alllll the way back at the beginning of May you read this post about my brother, Joe, and my sister-in-law, Molly, making the leap over the river to live in the heart of Manhattan!  Well, they moved the exact same day I did back in Mid-May.  When I visited them this past weekend they let me take a few snapshots of their new nest and some of their new additions to their eclectic railroad apartment.

First things first: Molly and I had a conversation a while back about what to do for a kitchen table. And our thought process was chronicled in this post.  While they are still waiting to find the perfect legs for this table, these sawhorses and Ikea chairs really work with the soft, creamy yellow shabby chic door turned tabletop.

This Ikea island has already been put to good use.  Its loaded down with cookbooks and pots and pans. Did I mention Molly is a self taught chef?

The tight squeeze of a living room is made into a modern ethereal restful spot with branches flocking the TV and the ever famous birch tree wall mural.
And here is the view of the kitchen from the living room. {Who are those debonair men sitting at that kitchen table?} I love the cardboard rhino.  I'm very seriously considering getting one for myself.

And onto my brothers-in home office, where all of his illustration magic happens.  He loves the gallery wall look and I must admit ...his blows mine out of the water.

The bedroom has this combination antique and greenhouse feel.  Since this is the room that gets the most light at the front of the building, they keep most of their plants in here and it gives it a very lived-in, fresh feeling.

Molly mentioned that once settled in further, she would like to put a reading chair in this corner but I am loving this vintage sewing machine hunkering down right here.

Well there you have it! For having only been in the apartment for a few short weeks, they really have done a phenomenal job.  Don't you think? And I look forward to reporting on their progress and new exciting projects that they will share with us.  Do you have any new pics of your new apartment that you'd like to share with the fellow Nesters? Leave us all a comment or email me at temporarynest@gmial.com.

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