Friday, June 11, 2010

Vermont Cheddar

Hey Nesters!  I'm sad to say I'm going to be missing you over the weekend. But wipe those tears from your eyes and pull yourself up by your bootstraps because I'll be back on Monday with all new goodies for you! 

The reason I'm going to be leaving you all high and dry, is we're heading up North to the wild mountains of Vermont. And in honor of our little mini vaca, I want to show you some of the really gorgeous vacation rentals that you can find in Vermont.

Rustic cabin anyone? Now to me, this begs for a cup of hot cocoa {with or without Baileys} and some comfy PJ's and people piled in on those couches with shrieks of some good old fashioned chatting and laughter. No?

Speaking of everyone coming together, everyone knows a kitchen is the gathering space. In my family, its all about food. You'll see all the way in the left corner is the smaller dining area.  In the foreground, the official dining space, of course the seating at the bar and how can you forget the poker table!?  I love that they have all separate spaces so no one feels on top of one another but still close enough to all be in the same room.  This kitchen is just waiting for someone to whip up something yummy!

Now, some folks, might not be so keen on taxidermy, and I understand that. But you can't get much more of the "lodge" feel than having a moose head hanging high over your stack stone fireplace with the exposed beams overhead.

Fireplaces seem to be a theme I'm running across here. But having the fireplace outside with the hot tub right there is like a scene out of the Bachelor(ette).  Light the fireplace and some candles... get a bottle of bubbly chilling on ice... talk about romance! 

Well there you have it Nesters! If you need to get away and live in New England. Maybe you should think about taking a trip to Vermont?  I'll be back with you on Monday with plenty more projects and additions to my abode!  As always, stay tuned!

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