Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The One.

Hey Nesters! First, I want to thank you for your patience.   For what, Gina? you ask? For bearing with me on my perpetual hunt for a coffee table. And lucky for you guys... it's over! I have gone completely in the opposite direction than we discussed in this post and in this post.  Originally, I was talking wood boxy rectangles with storage and dark stains or paint and was in love with this Rhys Pottery Barn piece.

And this evening I will be picking up this handsome little number from Craiglist.

It's not at all what I was looking for at first!  Knowing how small my living room is and I have to maintain a multi-functional space {work and relaxation and entertaining} with lots of furniture, I thought that any one of those heavy wood coffee tables would dwarf the room.  So my automatic thought was a simple glass top coffee table. Easier said than done! I hunted and hunted and most were very pricey or more ornate than I wanted.  Finally Sunday night I stumbled across this one on Craigslist.  For a mere $40 I will be picking up this bad boy this very evening.  It is supposedly completely scratch-free. Let's just hope when I get it back here, it's still scratch-free.

I am giddy as a school girl to reveal how this looks all pulled together.
Stay tuned for a follow up photos once it's in!


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