Monday, June 7, 2010

Lean Back, Lean Back

Hey Nesters!  Since moving into this new place, I'm newly spending much more time in my living room. Which explains why I have been so vehemently rehab'ing it and almost entirely ignoring my bedroom. But  one thing that keeps staring me in the face is this oh-so-blah blank wall in my bed room. 

Pretty horrific, huh? Ok, ok...  I can't lie to you guys, I actually house my laundry basket there.

Even worse, right? {Luckily it is possible to get a nicer hamper like this one that I am in love with. But that's step 2.}  I am the girlie girl that needs a full length mirror because I like shopping too much not to have fashion shows with myself in front of a full length mirror after a successful shopping trip.  Come on, you know you do it too and the warped five dollar mirror that came hanging on the back of my bedroom door just isn't cutting it.  I want to get an oversized leaning mirror.

I would kill for this Venetian Beaded Leaner from Restoration Hardware but its a smidge out of my budget.

This Rococo inspired piece is so ornate and lavish.  This is my dream living room.
{The zebra bench brings tears to my eyes.}

I love this little vignette so much.  It is an image of the bedroom from the blog from which I found my inspiration for this blog: Young House Love.  They have been featured on HGTV and The Nest to name a few. They are the cutest couple on the planet and they just had a precious little girl a few weeks ago!

So here I go on the hunt for a leaner! The first place I'm going to start is Home Goods, where I believe I'll have good luck.  Stay tuned to see how it works out.


  1. Hey Gina! In one of my old apartments, I used a smaller mirror leaning on the wall on top of a cute table to create a similar, but much cheaper effect. It was really pretty and looked so nice with flowers reflected in the glass. Just a thought! The place looks great. =)

  2. What a great idea, Elyse! I was thinking of doing something like that and I'm so happy you told me it worked out for you! It gives me hope that if I try something similar :)

    Thanks! ~G


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