Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curtain Call

If you didn't already know, curtains can really make or break a room. Whether it be a bedroom...

Or in a sitting area...

It can change the feel of it instantaneously.

When I first moved in, I had this brilliant idea of layering the old white cotton curtains with my even older aqua, slightly iridescent curtains.

It did not work.  Yikes.

As things started coming together, I splurged and even though I had an abundance of window treatments, bought new sheers for my bedroom that I mentioned in this post.

I decided to keep the idea of layering curtains to another time, in another apartment.  I'm happy how these diffuse the light and add color and texture to the room but I'm not thrilled at the metal Venetian blinds underneath, nor the boring white heavy duty curtain rod.

In the living room, I had the same issue: ugly industrial blinds and the heinous white curtain rod.  Luckily, the window was almost perfectly the same width as my 2 Roman shades salvaged from my old living room. They are a simple ivory cotton, bought at The Christmas Tree Shops for about twelve dollars each.

 I hiked the blinds up as high as they would go and screwed the Roman shades in just above the frame. 

It looks a little bare here but I again salvaged the Target curtains and rods from my old living room and amped it up a little and now it looks like this...

What a dramatic difference some white cotton can make! I has the luxurious extra long look that the inspiration pictures had and still leave the room airy and not bogged down or heavy.

So what do you think? Better with the window treatments? What colors would you use in your apartment? Do you love Venetian blinds and hate Roman shades?  Share with us all!

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  1. Nice, I just added curtains to my window bench too. It truly made a dramatic difference in my home and it keeps the temperature cooler too.


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