Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crystal Clear

Howdy Nesters! I opened one of my least used cabinet the other day and found a glass oil bottle that I had forgotten that I had picked up at IKEA last time Matt and I hiked out there. 

It was still intact with price tag and all. It felt like finding money in your jacket pocket: What a nice surprise!   
 I couldn't resist immediately putting it to good use and decanted my olive oil into it. But then I was left with my Canola oil in its gross plastic container and my olive oil looking elegant! What's a girl to do?  I was going to order this bottle from Amazon but I wasn't willing to wait for it to come in the mail. So I headed out to Christmas Tree Shop in hopes that they had a deal that I could take home that very day.  With my luck, they did! They had exactly what I wanted and for a whopping $1.99. While there, I picked up a corked glass container for $2.99 that I knew I would be able to put to good use somewhere.

I was right! I had just bought some granola that needed a home.

They come together so well. All the different shapes, sizes and hues of glass make it a nice little trio next to my stove.  All for about eight bucks. Not too shabby.

So how are you liking my growing glass container menagerie? Between yesterdays nest-improved jar, my beloved glass pitcher, milk bottle vase,  and these three beaut's I think its an official collection. 

Stay tuned for plenty more DIY's coming soon!

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