Friday, July 16, 2010

Where Silver Things Are...

Hiya Nesters! After yesterday's post, I got a lot of inquiries about where I put the silver dresser.  I'm so happy you all are so observant!  And today, I've got your answer! 

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I moved the mid-century basement rescue over near the window, straddling where the desk and bookshelf used to be.

As you can see, the desk is now in front of the windows.  It's nice to have all my supplies close by.   I'm really loving having the simple framed print over the dresser.  It allows the focus to be on the pictures that are housed on the surface and not solely on the wall gallery that once hung above it. 

I'm not loving this awkward space between the cedar chest that houses the TV {yes, that is Sue Sylvester on the screen... man- I LOVE Glee} and the silver chest.  Which is made even more beautious by the outlet right smack in the middle!

Yeah. Not so hot. I'm thinking I'll probably spruce it up with a tall plant, if I could manage to keep any plant alive...  Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted. I'll have to keep the cogs turning and see what I come up with. I'll keep you "posted".  *Ba-dum-chink!*

So, what do you guys think? Has it held up to your expectations?? Well the sibling and sibling-in-law are coming this weekend so I'll be a little MIA! I'll be back on Monday with lots of goodies!  So, stay tuned!


  1. I love that you're watching "Glee" in the background!

  2. It's my favorite show. I dont know what I did before that show entered my life. I must not have been a whole person!! ;)


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