Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mid Century Addition

Heya Nesters!  I made a little detour on the way home from work last night and trotted over to pick up my newest Craiglist find.  Check out the snapshot that lured me in...

Ooolala... pretty enticing, right!?  I'm just pullin' your chain. It looks pretty dated but I had a vision.
I brought it home and lugged it in to see how I liked the sizing.

Not too shabby.  I'm definitely going to refinish it some how. I still haven't entirely decided how. I was thinking about painting it either white or green {or both!} originally. But now I'm thinking of stripping it and staining it to match the tv stand.

I think this makes the whole vignette really cozy and welcoming.

I'm not entirely sold on the parquet top level ...which make me weary about the staining option.

 And you may have noticed, I relocated the No. 5 Target lamp to this corner which I am elated about. I had originally wanted it in the living room but needed something in the bedroom.  So now the floor lamp that used to stand here, is in the bedroom.  I much prefer this set up. Don't you think?

 Now I just need to choose. What'll it be Nesters? Paint? Or Stain? I need your help deciding!

So, I'll just be here... waiting to hear from you and what to do.

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