Friday, September 3, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars: Sleeping

If I had a million dollars... what would my house look like? That's right- I said "house" not "apartment."  This is, of course, in a hypothetical world where I may be able to *gasp* OWN my home. So I guess that would just make my blog "Nest" at that point but I think that's pretty much been taken.  But I digress... This will strictly be a spectator sport where every week I'm going to compile a list of inspiration for one particular room. AKA: online coveted belongings I would buy for my house if I had a million dollars...

My inspiration is the house in Father of the Bride and the sequel Father of the Bride II... 

"And don't trample the pansies!"
In doing research for todays' post, I have found that even if I had a million dollars.... I don't think I'd spend it like I had it. Most of the things I want right now are on sale and at least somewhat realistically affordable.  Maybe there is a mindset change that goes along with being a "millionaire" but right now, all the things I covet are not things you have to be a millionaire to buy.

Here we go:


I'll take this West Elm headboard {in white}which is on sale right now and boy-oh-boy would I want it in California King!

With the headboard I'll grab this West Elm Clover bedding.

I'd layer those on top of this comfy cozy shaggy rug that I have talked about.

And I'd love to see one of these AMAZING Ghost Chairs in the corner of the room perhaps perched in front of this gorgeous leaner mirror from Restoration Hardware.

And I'd top it all off with some dramatic velvet drapes also from Restoration Hardware.

To be totally realistic, a hearty fashionista like myself cannot go without storage. I need a chest of drawers to hold at least a good portion of my jeans.  And that is of course only if my giant walk in closet doesnt' hold everything. But this little vignette is starting to look a lot like its up my alley.  {Notice they have a smokey ghost chair also!}

I'm not wholly sold on the "antiqued" finish but the French curvy shape is so beautiful. Hmm.. I have a feeling some Craigslist hunting is in order.
Well there you have it! At least the bones of a million dollar bedroom of my dreams. There are so many little additions maybe I'll keep adding on to it in my fantasy boudoir.

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