Monday, September 13, 2010

Bathroom Breakthrough

Hey Nesters! A happy Monday morning to you all! Okay... I know... the word Monday is not exactly synonymous with the word "happy" but I have to admit, I am one happy camper today.  Yesterday was a productive day for me and the nest. First thing, while my tea kettle was heating up for my morning Lady Grey, I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. 

 I hadn't even finished half of the cup of tea before I started maniacally cleaning the bathroom.  Oh yes, we're talkin': in PJ's, on hands and knees, with my gloves, bathroom-grout-relegated toothbrush and my spray bottle of Clorox and some Scrubby Bubbles.  I was Not. Messing. Around.
It doesn't take much to make me happy because once the bathroom was sparkling like the top of the Chrysler Building {leapin' lizards!} I was THRILLED... and motivated. The bathroom had been so drab.  I hadn't really put much effort into it at all.

I needed to do something about it.  It didn't even take much to spruce it up. Back in the day, I had wanted to get an etagere but I never did for lack of funds and I also managed to organize {and downsize} all my junk in order to fit under the sink.

So with my momentary motivation I decided to hang the picture that used to lean on the tank. 

I'd say its a vast improvement.   This is a piece of art that my brother gave me for Christmas quite some time ago.   If my memory serves me, it is a mixed media image from a Seattle artist.  I love this piece and I found the perfect vintage style burnished silver frame to compliment it.

The biggest change yet, was the opposite wall on which my and Matts' towels hang.  And boy oh boy was it blank.

Not anymore!  I'm planning another big switcheroo in the living room soon {stay tuned for that!}, so I knew I could steal this image that used to hang over one of the end tables to hang in here.  This one of my fathers prints. He is a truly great photographer and has more beautiful images stock piled away than I can even count.  Each year on my birthday and Christmas he chooses another image to print and mat for me.  Lots of the images on my gallery wall are his images.  Aren't they stunning? I picked up these tea light sconces at The Christmas Tree Shop for $4.99 for the pair! And they make the bathroom look kind of romantic don't you think?

And last but not least. My glass obsession can't go that far. I use a mason jar to wrangle our toothbrushes.

I heart it.  In fact, I heart the entire mini-makeover.

Every little mini-makeover that I do to this apartment really makes me feel just a smidge more like its home.  I think I'm finally falling in love with my place... and that's a good feeling.

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