Friday, September 17, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars: Working

Heya Nesters! Happy Friday! Todays' If I had a Million Dollars focuses on the space where you put your nose to the grindstone. The spot where you channel all your creative or analytical thoughts, jot them down and put them to use. That's right: your office. 

You guys remember mine right?
But this post isn't about what I have... or what you have. Its about what we want. Its all about the fantasy of having an infinite decorating budget.  So what the heck, my office would probably have two desks. One for my computer and one for my sewing and crafting. This would eliminate having to pack one station up and set up another and all the back and forth that goes on right now. Millionaires don't have to worry about having one desk! HA! No way!

West Elms Pratt Desk would my my computer pick.  I love the clean lines, the dual tone wood and the lanky legs.  Its just a well designed desk.  Well done West Elm. Bravo.

And this Crate and Barrel Spotlight Desk would be my sewing desk. It has sturdier legs than the West Elm Desk to absorb the vibrations that can occur when having the sewing machine blazing.  Who says they have to be two of the same?  I'd love to couple them with two different either true vintage or vintage-inspired swivel office chairs.  I'm dying to find an all wood bankers chair like these. Now, I would most definitely be able find these at a flea market.

Let the hunt begin!

Most of all, my vision incorporates as many floor to ceiling bookshelves as can be squeezed into the room.  I just started getting choked up a little just seeing this image... I love storage.  If you havent noticed from keeping up the TN, I get obsessive about having everything be able to have its own place to be put away.  

 A flat file like this vintage one would be a perfect addition. Huge amounts of organizational potential. And if you couple it with one of my beloved card catalogs it would be a library-insipration bonanza!

Wow... I didn't even realize it.  I love the classic library aesthetics and I want to work in one too.

So I guess, If I had a Million Dollars, I would work in my own personal library. Who would have thunk!?

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