Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pillow Sham II

Heya Nesters!  After an early holiday escape from work yesterday I headed home with all intentions to nap before my yoga class.  And then the urge came over me... the urge to sew. 

What was next on my hit-list of sewing to-dos? More pillows of course!!
When I am ready and motivated to sew I cannot slow down.  I busted out the machine and some gorgeous striped fabric that I bought at a local discount fabric retailer.  I bought one yard for a mere $3.99!! And made 2 shams to cover the heinous pillows that came with my couch.  I first introduced you guys to them right here.

Yikes!  Luckily, the other side of them are the same microfiber that match the couch, so I've had them face-down for a quick fix. But the couch was just looking so bland because of it and I couldn't take it anymore!  So, I used my same method that I showed you here to create these gorgeous throws.

They're a little snug but the beauty of pillows is that they're squishy and you can make it work! Look how great it works with the original pillow sham project!

I am LOVING it! 

What do you guys think? Without a doubt its an improvement! Well I hope you've enjoyed the latest update! As always stay tuned for more from Temporary Nest!

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