Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Bouquet

Heya Nesters! I visited mi madre the other day and let me tell you: she has got one helluva garden.

Just kidding! That's the Durbuy Topiary Gardens in Belgium.  

Though hers is void of topiaries, she makes the best of the modest 1/4 acre lot. As you open the tall weathered wood gate, you're introduced to the garden with the sweet smell of honeysuckle and freshly cut grass and as you walk the C shaped garden you can see what feels like hundreds of veggies and herbs.  I'd say there are approximately one million flowers in there. And as the fall comes nearer by the day {despite the 80 plus degree days!} the flowers start wilting and falling to the ground but what was left during my visit, was a gorgeous swath of bright pink mini roses.  I asked my mom as nicely as I could if I could steal of from her and she happily obliged. So I got to take home this sweet {and free} little bouquet home with me!

I cut them short and put them in one of my beloved mason jars.  I thought I'd liven up the kitchen a little bit and add them between the sink and stove. 

Pretty cute huh? A little taste of the secret garden right here in my little nest.

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