Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bean there, Done that

If you havent noticed, I've been on kind of a Autumn kick recently.  {Note: It's not even official until tomorrow.} Maybe its because I grew up here in Boston but Fall, to me, is a symbol of New England. I think many people would agree.  Whether it be the Halloween tales of Salem, just down the road or the leaf peepers taking their treks, I have a feeling others understand what I'm saying. And what is more authentically New England than Maine based corporation LL Bean.

What does the lumberjack-goods superstore have to do with us Nesters? Well, they have got some really great soft home goods that are simple, reliable and classic.

Their braided rugs for example.  What a classic addition to any kitchen.

Now this Waffle Weave rug is a little different than the others but still so simple and has a great neutral scheme of colors!

For my family, LL Bean has always been the go-to for towels and bath mats and rugs.

Take this ultra absorbent bath mat. It's cushy and simple, comes in a million colors and is only $16.95!  And don't forget the matching towels.
Of course they carry them in 15 different solid colors as well as 3 striped themes.  All of which are monogrammable for that added personalization!

But my favorite of all.  Is the Cottage Iron bed frame.

Well, I'm not going to bore you by itemizing out L. L. Beans' entire catalog of home goods! But next time don't count them out when you're looking for a long term relationship with your decor. And maybe you could take a trip up to their original location in Freeport, Maine and do a little leaf peeping on the way..

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