Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Shopping Trip!

Heya Nesters! The other day after work I decided to take a little window shopping trip to TJ Maxx and boy oh boy was I impressed. 

Sometimes big discount retailers can be hit or miss.  Whether or not they have a new shipment, or what new vendors the buyers have been working with can really make a difference. So sometimes I can walk out a little deflated.  This day... I wanted to crack open my wallet and dump my change out on the counter and say "what can I get for this? I'll take anything!"

Look at all of these gorgeous crystal lamps! And I must say, the shades are just as beautiful as the bases. Breathtaking.

 A few more lamps caught my eye. These two angular wooden bases scream mid century modern to me, coupled with the Marimekko-esque printed lamp shades! Ugh! Clean up on isle 9! I think I just fainted!

These are some seriously regal lamps. They are elegant and delicate without being flimsy. The damask shades are spectacular. And you know how I feel about damask.

They literally had a "wall-o-baskets"! They had every shape, size, color weave and all with incredible price points! Incredible!

Now, if you need new bedding, these bed-in-a-bags were a STEAL and also have gorgeous colors and patterns that wouldn't make your boyfriend/hubby cringe.  I guess we need to make them happy with the design too, right?! {haha!}

This stopped me in my tracks. A high, modified wing back love seat upholstered in a heavy duty cotton with script all over it... Had I the funding, I would have been strapping this to the roof of my car so fast you wouldn't believe it!  And for $699, this is a STEAL.  For a mere $1895, you can buy this arm chair...

It has a similar aesthetic but your budget would be blown right away! And you would have half the seating. I'll stick to my TJ Maxx find instead. 

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my TJ Maxx adventure as much as I did! How about you? Got the scoop on any really great deals? Do you have a story about when you hit a discount retailer just on the right day and got a great deal?? Do tell!  Stay tuned and until next time... happy weekend!!

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