Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Mat

What is it about being genuinely welcomed into some one's home that gives you the warm and fuzzies? Maybe its the home cooking and baking, or just the hug of a friend or family member... Or maybe its just a really great foyer.

I love the girlie shabby chic cozy foyer. A perfect place to hang your hat! {Or scarf!}

Another place to hang your hat, though, this time much more masculine and antiqued. My favorite part is the antler-esque ornament on the chest in the background.

A great bold color can make a huge statement when you walk into someones house. Doesn't it make you curious and want to peek about what other decor surprises are around the corner!?

Sophisticated and simple. I love the narrow built ins juxtaposed with the bamboo console table. and the chevroning theme. There's a lot going on in this space but it is kept neutral and is flooded with light so its not lacking depth at all. Brilliant!

I just want to give all these foyers a hug and say "Welcome home."


  1. I think the rainbow of pashminas is kind of funny! I have a little 'Mr. Man shoe' situation in my foyer even though I've negotiated a 4 pair maximum, there are always 5-6 pairs to trip on!

  2. Hahaha I know that feeling! I think I'm going to invest in a basket to wrangle all rogue shoes, so I dont break a leg walking into my apartment one of these day! haha! Maybe you can negotiate down to 3 and that way only 4 will be left out! haha Good luck! :)

  3. Love all of these photos! The first one in particular really catches my eye. It makes me want to hang my hat and join the hostess for a cup of tea.

  4. Yeah totally! It almost reminds me of Alice in Wonderland... right?


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