Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Check Out my Chevy!

And by Chevy I mean chevroning, of course!  If your not familiar, Wikipedia describes chevroning as: "The general shape of a V character, or a triangular shape pointing up or more often, down."  
 Well let me tell you... I love me some chevroned stripes!

I fell in love with chevroning back when I was first introduced to them as a freshman in college by a professor who assigned us a project to make a garment including this pattern.  I made this cute little retro green and white striped frock with pink tulle... oh the good ole days.  Now, I've redirected that love from cutie little party dresses to chic dressers and decor.

Check out Sunset's how-to on this gorgeous paint job on this mid-century beaut! 

Take a peek at a few more inspirational spaces. 

I got some beautiful striped taffeta the other day on the cheap and plan on making some more amazing pillows for the living room at my house and at Matts. 

Well Nesters, whattaya think? Do you have any have chevroned piece? Perhaps a pillow? Or did you try Sunsets' paint DIY? Or maybe its even a fun skirt you picked up the other day? Inquiring minds want to know!! Have a happy Tuesday guys!

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