Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ruffles a-plenty!

Hey Nesters! I had a fun purchase this weekend that I am elated to share with you guys. Maybe I'm just a huge home goods nerd but I got the cutest throw blanket. E.V.E.R.

RIGHT!? It's a Cynthia Rowley ruffle throw that I picked up at Marshalls for a bargain at $20. The green works perfectly in the room. I love it with the brown of the throw pillow, too!

It's a loose weave and yet it still traps in the heat and is a toasty warm {and super soft!} snuggle blanket.  What can I say? It's the best of all worlds! I had seen it quite some time ago but in the heat of the summer I couldn't even comprehend wanting to cuddle under a blanket! With Fall right around the corner, I ran into my old friend at Marshalls this weekend and just couldn't bear to leave without it.... so I didn't. HA!

While we're talking about the beloved Ms. Rowley... she has got some seriously FABULOUS little goodies at her shop here on her website.  All of her jaw-dropping clothes aside, my favorite is her printed tool sets.  For a girl that loves her hammer and her screwdrivers, I would love them infinitely more if they looked like these cuties!

Well Nesters, I hope you like the eye candy! Maybe ... just maybe this will inspire one or two of you to dole out some cashola to get these fun tools or go hunting at Marshalls for this throws' long lost brother or sister. 

And a quick message to Ms. Rowley: You rock my world nest.

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