Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Conference Room Makeover

We have some VIP guests heading over to our office on Tuesday and I've been scrambling to finish up our conference room rehab.  If we could tear down walls and rebuild we would but that just isnt in the cards, since if you remember in this post we rent our facility and have been since pretty much the beginning of time!

Last summer, my co-worker and I headed up a team that spent quite some time and a whole lot of sweat and paint making our grungy hall way, into a historical homage to the brides of yesteryear.

We are continuing that idea into the conference room while also trying to keep it clean and uncluttered.  When you have a small room full of visitors with laptop bags and luggage it can get really tight really fast.  Needless to say, it was in our best interest to get rid of everything that wasn't necessary and/or matching.

One thing that prompted our conference room makeover is the new mandate by the board of health that states that we are required to have a privacy room in which a woman should be able to privately breast feed her child.  We currently do not have any women who are breast feeding but it is still required.  The room has 2 large windows that are open to the hallways and that needed to be remedied. 

I started by getting some floor length lined faux silk curtains in a soft champagne color from The Christmas Tree Shops for a mere $12.99 each and some simple silver curtain rods for $4.99 and $6.99 each.  I only got 1 panel for each of 3 windows {Two face the street and are frosted and private anyway.} and 2 panels for the last, largest window, leaving a large gap of open window... uh oh! 

One of the first steps we took when we started in on the room, was pulling down the giant piece of wrinkled paper that was thumb tacked on the wall as an impromptu projection screen.  We're so professional.  I needed to figure out how to replace that.  To kill two birds with one stone, I decided to get a roll down shade from home depot, to cover the middle of the largest window and so that we could pull it down for privacy and as a projector screen! Right now it's a bit veiled by the out-of-date teleconfrencing equipment that can easily be moved when we will be projecting on the screen.

We picked up a gorgeous steal of a double pedestal table with glass top from Craigslist for only $400 and a set of 8 matching black leather rolling armchairs from an office liquidator for only $100 each. I know it sounds outrageously expensive but MAN! I learned quickly how expensive office furniture is, so trust me... that is CHEE-EE-EAP!

We took some of the unused vintage images around the office and hung them behind the table and finally, I am making some coasters to add to the conference room as to not mess with the beautiful glass top table!

Hopefully it will all be a big hit with the VIP's! But if its not, at least its a step up from our old, cold, horrifically mismatched conference room we had to live with before! Hooray for it being the little things that make it feel like home.

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