Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Delightful Design

Heya Nesters! I've been pondering more about my spaces, about what images I want to omit from my collection and what I feel like I'm missing.  I love the gallery and what that adds to the space and I am happy with the new placement of the kind of dark and moody John Singer Sargent painting.  The new clock is awkwardly filling the space between TV and the silver chest. I'm really having the most trouble when it comes to the space behind the TV....

Here are some prints that I heart that you can pick up on the cheap! 

This chic timeless faux antique map is an inexpensive alternative to a genuine antique map and it will surely give a "worldly" feel to a room.

All of the World's Fair vintage posters are incredible. There are so many different ones that would suit any color scheme in a room and they are all incredible and have this true art deco feel to them.  This Chicago 1833 is my favorite I think... but it's so hard to choose!
Vincent Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms: I know it's redundant because I have this in my bedroom already but I just love this painting. It really can work with so many decor themes, so I had to include this in the mix.

Now this John Singer Sargent painting one is inexcusably girlie.  This makes me think of yesterdays post. It almost tells a fairytale and makes you feel like you're back to the simple things that made you happy as a child.  {You know... like playing tiddly winks or wheel-and-stick} 

What are your favorite prints? Anything you've had your eye on? Share your thoughts!

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