Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Plight of the Cable Bill

 {Oh... wait... wrong kind of bill}
 Heya Nesters!  So, this blog is not just about decor but also about apartment living. Now that I'm living alone, I am 100% self reliant.  And let me tell you-- life is good!  There is no one but myself to get mad at when the dishes are in the sink. I can't have an unexpected guest because I always know who's coming over!  But coming from the shared responsibility of a roommate situation can haunt you... even three months later.

When I first found this apartment, I started the obligatory moving check-list. First order of business: I needed to seek out a replacement for myself and my former roommates needed to meet and agree to live with her.  Second order of business: change the name on the cable to her name from mine.  Trying to make everyone's lives easier, I chose to simply switch ownership of the cable bill.  That way we wouldn't have to shut it off and wouldn't have to return all the cable boxes... too much of a hassle, right!? HA! Little did I know...

I had the paperwork sent to me and promptly filled it out with the new girl, signed it and faxed it away, awaiting for my confirmation call within the next couple days.  I never heard back. SHOCKING! To make a long story short, after at least a dozen phone calls back and forth with the new girl, myself and the cable company, it turns out the name change has finally taken place but there is an outstanding balance the former roommates didn't pay that wasn't transferred to their new account, leaving me to foot the {very big} bill.  I will continue to fight this because I didn't ecru these charges since I was not living there but I am really tired of fighting.

So learn from my mistake.  Make the small effort to cancel the cable and bring the boxes back.  It is way easier than 3 months worth of phone calls, emails and faxing forms. Take it from me: It sucks.


  1. oh no that's the worst!

  2. Hey Nesters! I am happy to update you all that it has finally been resolved. The key is to find someone at the cabe company that has the patience to talk and walk you step by step through every thing and is willing to answer even your stupidest questions.

    Or you know what? Nah! You're still better off just cancelling and starting over again....


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