Friday, August 20, 2010


Heya Nesters!  May I first say TGIF!! Now, may I ask you for your help?  It's a long shot but I have entered this contest called "The Selby is in Your Place" hosted by one of our all time faves- CB2.  Now the key... I need you to go on to THIS LINK and vote for me!!  Sadly, you can only vote once but make that vote count!! The winner gets a photo shoot in your nest with famed fashion and interior photographer Todd Selby. 

{photo by Todd Selby. courtesy of}

As if that's not cool enough? You also win 10 thousand buckeroos to CB2!! Yes please!!

So, head over to THIS LINK RIGHT HERE! YEP THIS ONE! ALL IN CAPITOL LETTERS! YES, YOUR MOUSE IS ON IT RIGHT NOW! OK AAAAND CLICKKKKK! that is titled Gina's Temporary Nest and vote for me! Imagine all the cool posts I could show you guys about the behind the scenes on the photo shoot!? {Must ...stop ...getting ...excited! AHH!}

Happy Friday Nesters! Enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead! I'll be back with you on Monday!

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