Monday, August 2, 2010

Switcheroo Number Two!

Heya Nesters!  I had been mooning over flipping the layout of my bedroom similar to the way I changed my living room around.  So, Friday night I carpe diem'd and started hauling all my accessories out of the room.  All the junk under the bed, the mirror off the dresser, pulled the drawers out were hap-hazardly thrown in the kitchen.  Remember the awkward lay out before hand?

I mapped out my plan and figured I only needed to move the yellow dresser in order to move the bed. First things first, I slid the dresser over by where my laundry lived and where I still want to put a leaning mirror.

And I proceeded to make approximately a 354 point turn with my bed. I pulled from the foot with all my might, panted, wiped my brow, then ran to the headboard and pulled with all my might, panted and wiped my brow.  I rinsed and repeated this cycle until miraculously, the bed was successfully up against the opposite wall.

{Don't mind my shotty bed making skills today-- how embarrassing!}

I have yet to adjust any of the art to the new placement. Notice the Almond Blossoms are off center?  Yikes! I tucked the bed in the far corner of the room, furthest from the door.  The refrigerator isn't the quietest appliance in the house and its directly outside the bedroom door and can creep me out sometimes.  That's right: I'm a Fraidy-Cat.  Don't you love that the most normal things really do go bump only in the night??

I put the bookshelf up against the foot board to maximize the space and I am loving it there. It was originally built by my father and I to put at the foot of my twin bed that I had when I was a kid, so I am reintroducing it to its original purpose.  This will also be a future make over- stay tuned for that! 

I am loving the new placement of the dresser. It's got incredible light however it's still a bit of a mess when it comes to the accessories but that will be cleaned up shortly.

I'm still deciding exactly what to do with the piano. One of the keys to small space living is not to over stuff the place. So I would love to be able to not add any furniture {except the mirror} to this space.  I just feel like it flows better now. Maybe I should start reading about feng shui...

Have you made a recent change to your house you'd like to share with us? Any ideas on where I should put the keyboard? Are you an expert on feng shui?? We'd love to hear all about it!


  1. I like this set up better. As for the ideas yet but thinking about the layout of your place I feel like the only place to really put it would be in your room.

  2. I'm no fung shui expert, but I've read a bit about it and it's very interesting.

  3. Well I know you have more clout with this topic than I do, any thoughts on the new set up, Sue?


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