Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Heya Nesters! Today's post is a question for you guys and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so leave comments a plenty!

At the end of the day, when you're sleepy eyed and you've brushed your teeth and are in your coziest PJ's... you walk into your bedroom to settle down for a long winters nap go to sleep...do you shut the door behind you or leave it open?

Do you leave yours open? 
I had a roommate in the past that left hers open at night {all the time actually... even when her boyfriend was over... EEK!} but that wouldn't have even crossed my mind when I had roommates!  Now that I'm living alone though, I have left the door open often for air flow on these hot summer nights. There is no one there to be offended if I have my clock radio on too loud with the door open or if Matt spends the night.

I still find it somehow uncomfortable though because I'm so used to sleeping in my bundled up bedroom with the door closed. There is some sense of security in having the door shut. I don't know if its a shield from the boogieman or the things that inevitably go bump in the night or if its just a false sense of security.  Do you know what I mean? Or am I crazy?

And then there is the ever-famous and favorite: Ajar.
I've tried this also and I think its working the best for me. Its still open enough to let the air move a little more and closed enough to allow for that security blanket appeal.

So now its your turn.  Whats going on with your bedroom door? Open? Closed? 3/4? Ajar? Does it have depend on the situation? Share with us your thoughts!  Or at least leave a comment letting me know I'm not totally off-the-deep-end that I even ponder this stuff!

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  1. Closed for sure! I can't sleep if its open even a little bit.


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