Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Bouquet: Part 2

A few weeks ago, my mom gifted me a bouquet of gorgeous roses from her garden that only bloom in the late summer just before fall hits.  They were great while they lasted but while at Trader Joe's on Friday I decided to treat myself with a true "Fall Bouquet."

As you can see, I not only got the bouquet but I made it into a little vignette.  I picked up these three cute gourds when Matt and I went apple picking

 If you peek a little closer amongst the foliage are some cool little mini pumpkin-thingies that drew me to the bouquet.

 I love the little "moment" it makes in my living room and really makes me happy.  If I had a dining room table, this would totally be my centerpiece. Alas, that is another, bigger apartment away. *sigh*

So, Nesters, what have you done to get yourself into the Fall mood? Any new bouquets from your garden? Or have you already carved your pumpkins? Do tell! We all want to know!!

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