Friday, September 10, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars: Making and Eating

Eating. Everything in my life revolves around eating. {It doesn't help that I love to cook too.} When Matt and I go on dates: we love to chat and laugh over a good plate of food. When I spend time with my girlfriends: We make sure to find a new spot to try a new drink or a new stack of nachos. When I'm spending time with my family: we cook for hours on end and scarf it down in a matter of minutes.

And so this all makes the kitchen, as many people say "the heart of the home".  Why not dole out the dough for the one room in the house that will keep you healthy, bring a smile to your face and make and sustain relationships?  That is why if I had a million dollars... most of it would be spent in the cucina.

I dont know about you but I love a classic white farm kitchen with butcher block counter tops and a clean, white, hefty porceline sink like this one.

The butcherblock counters are warm and inviting. Sometimes marble or granite can feel cold and unwelcoming.  But there is just something about the wood that catches my eye. Not to mention it is very forgiving when it comes to dropping things and you have a perminant cutting board! {I would recommend using a plastic cutting board for all meats though. You wouldnt want even the remote possibility of salmonella.}

Another element that is super important to me about a kitchen is light. I've cooked in some pretty dark and gloomy kitchens in past apartments and that is the pitts. How can you clean your dishes or chop well when you're in the dark? So lighting {and the natural light from all the windows} is essiential.

Counter space and storage is also essential. While I love the look of open cabinetry in other people homes, I just don't think I could pull it off. It's all well and good when you're Martha or you have a stylist primping your shelves as if your kitchen is pre-photoshoot but back to reality... that ain't happenin' in my house daily. And I am wayyyy too anal to have open cabinetry that doesnt look picture perfect at all times. So closed cabinets it is for me.

Most people think kitchen and they think appliances.  I'm not someone thats hell-bent on all stainless steel in fact, I'd rather get a vintage inspired range and fridge.  If you haven't noticed from reading this blog {thank you for reading by the way} I love all things vintage.  Sure, it may not be great for re-sale value but who cares? Why not go for it and make my million dollar home exactly what I want?

Enough with the "making" lets talk about eating... Can I just say, thank God for  Crate and Barell.  They have an awe-insipring French country table that truly gives me butterflies.

You can see its simple, has clean lines and definitely works with the French feeling kitchen that I already envision.  Juxtaposed with the butcher block counter tops it makes my creative eyes light up. At a cool $1300 this table would be pocket lint if I had a million dollars. And I'm sure the bent wood cafe chairs wouldn't set me back more than $100 each brand new... making these dust to the tables pocket lint.

Well there you have it Nesters: my dream eat-in-kitchen that I will have someday when I have a million dollars. Or at least I will when I close my eyes.....

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