Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Heya Nesters!  Matt and I have recovered from our trip to NYC and I am finally able to step on my mini soap box and tell you all about my awesome loot that my family so generously gifted me for my birthday. I hope you'll excuse my bragging. 

First, Dad sprung for a night at the hotel for Matt and I which was truly the best present ever.  He gave us the opportunity to be all together.  But Joe and Molly did pretty well themselves...
If you haven't noticed, I've been gettin' my bake on lately. {I'm so bad ass aren't I? HA!}  And apparently, my family has too.  Joe and Molly got me some pretty amazing baking themed gifts.

The New Basics Cookbook

Every novice kitchen conductor needs The New Basics. Molly and my moms have this puppy and so does every other good cook I know! So they thought it was only fitting that I had my very own copy. YES! *Two thumbs way, way up!*

Now this puppy is the Martha Stewart Collection Cookie and Icing Gun and it Does. Not. Mess. Around.  Matt even got so excited because this means he will be able to help me bake!

In order to get to that point of even having a dough, they also got me this sleek Martha Stewart Collection Pastry Dough Cutter.

This way my hot little hands don't heat up any dough I'm making! And to help me choose what decadent deliciosity {yep, made up word!} I'll be devouring, they picked me up a copy of Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.  I am obsessed with this book. Recipes aside, even just as an item to look at it is beautiful!

Even the inside cover is awesome. Imagine using this print as wallpaper? Yes, please!

And the images inside the book make me drool.

I think you may be seeing quite a few more Baking Bonanzas shortly.  I couldn't be more excited! I hope you guys will stick around to see my successes and hopefully not very many failures. In the meantime I'll be sitting here with drool pooling under me as I read each recipe from this book, so you know where to find me.


  1. I have GOT to get a pastry dough cutter. It's been on my 'to do' list for EV-AH! Also? One of those thingees that let you mist olive oil? A mister?

    Happy belated birthday! I've added you to my blog roll!

  2. I've never seen such a Mister! haha! But it sounds brilliant. What a better alternative to cooking sprays! Blech! If you do end up finding a mister, please let me know and I'd love to pick one up myself! Thanks for the add and I follow you but I didn't realize you weren't on mine as well! Adding you, too!


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