Monday, November 29, 2010

Fa la la la la

Heya Nesters! I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend with your family and friends. I know I did!  I've been getting extra Christmas-y this year and super early.  I love decorating for the holidays but I was never itching to start before Thanksgiving.  This year was a first. 

About 2 weeks ago, I picked up a few cool little modern glitter trees from Home Goods. Thankfully I nabbed them when I did because they are gonzo now!  They had all different colors and sizes.  I was going to go with the classic red and green but I just loved that champagne color one! So I switched it up.  I went with a different texture on the smallest tree, and grabbed a beaded one.   I love the way they play off of each other.

You may recognize the glass jar that used to house my beautiful nest.  I relocated the nest into a shoe box in the closet for the winter months.  It seemed odd to me to have such a Spring-centric piece out in Winter time.  So I replaced it with some of my unbreakable Ikea ornaments that I picked up a few years back.  {Is that ironic? Unbreakable ornaments in a glass, very breakable container? Alanis should have written about that! Don't you think?}

And that little dove tea light was picked up at Kohl's on sale!

Isn't she a cutie?  She might become a permanent fixture in the apartment just like my glitter skull. I also got an awesome deal on those beautiful mercury glass pillar candle sticks.  I also nabbed 2 pillar candles from Christmas Tree Shops for about a buck a pop! I had the option of "seasonal" colors and scents but I opted for white, unscented for simplicity.

These beaut's are multifunctional.  Coupled with any other color, they are totally transformative.  Slap a few pastels around them and you've got an Easter centerpiece for a dining room table.  Add them on some black velvet and you're set for Halloween!  You may have noticed, I used my rabbit furs to ground the display.  I love the kind of classic lodge feel they lend to it.  

I've also sprinkled a couple of ornaments around the bookshelf just to add a little more around the room.  I am going to add a few more details to the house. Of course not including the tree, that is hardly a "detail," more like a "giant central focal point."  More on that later!  I was so excited to share this with you guys!  I'm so happy Thanksgiving finally came and went so that I could, without seeming like a total maniac.

Alrighty: Opinion time, Nesters! So, do you love it? Hate it? DISH! And tell us all about what you've done to spruce up your homestead for the holidays? Can't wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Looks good - I love the classic colors.

    We are decorating our tree tonight!!! I can't wait..!


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