Monday, November 1, 2010

Pantry Shmantry

Heya Nesters! Happy day-after-Halloween.  Now that we're all in our candy induced coma's and back at the daily grind,  it's time to get real about cleaning our homes before the really cold weather sets in and we lose any and all motivation.   Or maybe that's just me?? I've found that with the Fall, I've been baking a whole lot more. Thanks to that I've also been forced to take a good hard look at my pantry and spice cabinet.  I've been stocking and restocking much more frequently and having much more fresh goods but sometimes, accidentally some duplicates. Whoops. 

I was snooping around the interwebs on the best ways to organize that wily pantry-o-mine and found this awesome 15 minute step by step from Real Simple.  I think I'm in love with those people over at Real Simple. They truly can break down those daunting tasks that get put off, and put off, and make them seem so achievable to us mere mortals.  So a big thanks to them for making like actually feel "real simple".

So lets put on our haz-mat suits and rubber gloves and attack those cabinets, pantries and shelves. 

Here we go...
  • Minutes 1 to 3: Move the trash can near the pantry. Empty shelves onto the counter, tossing out anything expired or suspicious (old cracker boxes, ancient bags of flour, outdated canned goods). Most dried herbs and ground spices should be replaced every six months (jot down those you throw away so you’ll remember to replace them); goods like honey and brown sugar can last forever.
  • Minute 4: If you’re overloaded with canned goods, make a bag for a local food bank (see for locations). Separate the “keeper” contents into two categories: everyday items and occasionally used items.
  • Minute 5: Fill a bowl with warm water and a squirt of dish soap. Dip a sponge cloth in the solution, wring it out, and wipe down sticky jars and dusty cans. Let dry.
  • Minute 6: With a handheld vac, clear the shelves of crumbs, being extra diligent in the corners.
  • Minute 7: Sprinkle baking soda on any honey drippings, jelly spots, or other residue. Top each with a paper towel soaked in hot water. Let sit for a few seconds.
  • Minutes 8 to 9: Lift the paper towels and use a spatula (or an old credit card) to dislodge the now softened sticky stuff. Then dip and wring the sponge cloth again, and wipe down all shelves.
  • Minutes 10 to 11: Dry shelves thoroughly with a cloth. Apply shelf liner (it wipes clean and makes it easier to slide things in and out).
  • Minute 12: Place items that tend to get lost—loose packets (oatmeal, Sloppy Joe mix), tiny jars (bouillon)—in a plastic bin.
  • Minutes 13 to 15: Reload the pantry. Put everyday stuff—cereal, pet food, lunch ingredients, snacks—at the most accessible levels. Light occasional items (spare paper towels) belong on top. Heavy occasionals (jugs of oil) can go on the bottom. Group by category: baking supplies all in a cluster, for example. Keep multiples (three cans of chickpeas, say) together, so you don’t lose track of your stock. 
    See? That wasn't so bad, right?  Congrats on your organized and squeaky clean cupboards Nesters! Now go to the grocery store and fill those gaps of things you need to replace!


  1. It's amazing what you can accomplish is 15 minutes. Way to go! = )

  2. Oh, pantry. How I long to have one like you....

    I love the new header by the way! Great branding!

    I'm your newest follower!

  3. Thanks for all your kind words, guys!! :) I love getting comments from you! It gives me perma-smile, so keep 'em coming!

    And thanks for becoming the latest and greatest follower H.H. I love your blog, and I am an avid reader!

    Caroline- I am YOUR latest and greatest follower! haha



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