Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another year older...

Heya Nesters! I have this problem.  I get excited about my birthday and can't seem to shut my trap and keep it a secret.  Every year I tell myself that I'm going to be "aloof" about my birthday. But it never works!  Somehow, I slip it into conversation at work and with friends and, of course, family. Oops! And  since my birthday tends to fall on or very close to Thanksgiving, the family usually celebrates it on Thanksgiving day regardless of the actual date. Then I'll have a small celebration on the actual day itself.  But this year has been a full out week of celebration and it was awesome.

If you knew me, you'd know that for presents I almost always ask for practical gifts and LOVE them. The baking goodies were super sweet and will DEFINITELY be put to good use but that is like a luxury!  Case in point: Last year, Mom got me some sweet winter boots.

I am obsessed with them.  Most people wouldn't think of snow boots as being an amazing present... but when you live in New England and have to shovel out your car every morning for approximately 9 months out of the year, it is the best gift ev-ah. 

But this year Matt topped it... Like BIG TIME topped it.  Here's the back story:
I have this vacuum cleaner.  It gets the job done but its kind of gross.  It was a hand-me-down from my girl, Perrine, when she graduated from college and moved cross country.  She wasn't about to bring it with her, so I nabbed it!  Seeing as though my old apartment was all hard woods, most of my cleaning was taken care of with a broom and a Swiffer.  And it never made a huge difference.  But now that I've got wall to wall carpeting, I am required to vacuum a million times more than before and it sucks. {Ba dum chick! Get it? Vacuum... Sucks? Eh? Eh?}  I quickly realized, I didn't know how to open the canister in order to empty it.  So, it was just years of old, disgusting dirt, that spewed out everywhere when you turned it on.  {I know... blech! It's a hard admission to make for the whole world to read but it actually did an okay job despite all that. I swear!}  So, every time we into the any store that carried vacuum cleaners, I would pull Matt over to drool over the Dyson machines.   So my wonderful, thoughtful, sweet, generous boyfriend, who knows I would love this, got up at 5 AM on black Friday {Also my birthday} and bought me the top of the line in vacuums: The Dyson Ball.

It is amazing.  And it could not be more perfectly timed, since I wanted to go get my Christmas tree on my birthday as well and we all know how many pine needles fall off when you bring in the tree initially. Needless to say it was put to good use!! *Happy Dance!*

I know it may sound odd and a little bit of a throwback to the 50's to you guys that my boyfriend got me a vacuum for my birthday.  But when I told my family, each of them said "That is so you!"  And they're right! It IS me! No longer will I dread vacuuming with my hand-me-down! {But thank you Perrine!}  Watch out dust mites! I'm comin' to getcha!

So what about you Nesters? What's the best present you've ever gotten? Or do you have the Dyson Ball? Do you love it? Hate it?  Let's hear all about it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for coming back and reading!

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