Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When I was 17...

Heya Nesters.  I remember the moment when I realized I was no longer a "teen".  It wasn't when I turned 20, it was the day I asked myself "When did VH1 become cooler than MTV?"  I was about 17.  And that theory has gone one step further that now neither are all that cool. {With the exception of Teen Mom, I shamefully admit that show is a total guilty pleasure.}  In the spring, MTV aired a show called "When I was 17" where celebs discuss who and how they were when they were in high school.

{Image via MTV.com}   

So, when I was 17, I loved pink, purple and silver.  Oh yeah... and don't forget Christmas lights.
My room as a baby was painted a buttery yellow a mural of a horse that my mom painted with white trim and mismatched bedding and rugs and furniture.  When I was a teen I decided I wanted to spruce 'er up. That yellow had started to fade and look dirty and I needed to put a little glamour and rock'n'roll into the space!  After all, I was going to change my name to Paige {only one name- like Madonna} and be a rock star.  So together, mom and I painted my room a very light pink with a lavender trim. Well hell-o, Teenie Bopper!  I also strung Christmas lights around my mirror.  Perhaps if I spent as much time actually practicing my guitar as I did posing in the led framed mirror with it, I might actually remember how to play.

So in honor of my 17 year old self, I decided to add a little "spunk" to my bedroom.

{Oh and don't judge the two different pillow cases for the moment, there was a water spillage incident... hahaha}

I added a few white Christmas lights to my bed frame.  Isn't it awesomely cheesy?  I don't think they'll stick around long... Perhaps just a seasonal additive. They do add a nice glow to the room but I can't help but think they absolutely make me think of my 17 year old bedroom with a leopard print phone and bold pink and purple linens and that "rock star" mirror.  But where can I utilize them afterwards?  I was considering above my kitchen cabinets to give it the illusion of up lighting?

Do you guys have any creative ideas for string lights? Anything you've done yourself that didn't work out as well as you'd thought? Or maybe you had the most KICK ASS bedroom when you were 17. Or maybe imagined it? Share! We'd all love to hear!!  Stay tuned for more!!

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