Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Inspiration

Welcome back, Nesters!  Sorry I've been MIA but as I mentioned here, Matt and I spent a long weekend in NYC with the Pops, my brother and his lovely wife, and my nephew-in-the-making. We had an awesome time walking around the city, but most importantly cooking, eating and laughing to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  While on the road, I lifted my holiday spirits by listening to every Christmas song I could tune into.  Needless to say, I am so excited for Christmas. 

No really: So. Excited.

I've started doing a tidbit of decorating that can be easily transformed for any other holiday or just every day decor that you can check out right here.  But I have infinite ideas to holiday-i-fy the rest of the homestead!  Here are a few inspirational homes. 

It's rustic and understated but still festive. And you know my affinity for white.

I love the use of unexpected colors that with some glitz and metallics, is still just as festive as red and green! 

Another rustic vignette with a very organic theme. The metallic pine sprig swags coupled with the cozy menagerie of ornate frames, vases and candle holders make it look truly lived in and collected over time.  And I'm sure you've all noticed how popular it is these days to decorate with typeface and words.  I am a huge fan of it as well. {Shameful admission time: In grade school I used to be called the Walking Dictionary because I had a wide vocabulary. What can I say, I've always liked words! *blushing*}

This is one of my all-time faves. The lush, deep crimson and cream are a much more traditional color theme than the others we've been looking at. The paper stars and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling lend a sweet, whimsical touch.  Love it! 

So there you have it Nesters! Some fabulous inspiration to fill our dreams with Sugarplum Fairies and that special warm, fuzzy feeling that you get around the holidays. Stay tuned to see how this comes to life in my home!

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