Friday, November 5, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars: A Room with a View.

Heya Nesters and Happy Friday to you all!  As the foliage changes more and more, I enjoy my scenic ride home along the Charles River every day.  {It somehow makes the traffic more bearable!}

{image via Worldhum}

Pretty beautiful, right?  Well, it got me thinking: I can't wait to have a home with a 3 season porch that would allow me to enjoy the view of the foliage, all the while staying nice and toasty warm.  That's why, If I Had a Million Dollars: I would have a pretty spectacular 3 season porch.

I am an avid reader of the fabulous DIY blog Young House Love.  They recently completed their back porch and it is awe-inspiring to say the least.

{image via YHL}

The 2 daybeds make it look decadently relaxing while textiles, namely the rug and curtains make it feel like a real room inside the house.  It's treated like rest of the home.  Note the accessories? Something you would find in a living room, not on your dirty old porch.  What a beautiful meeting of the two.  The day beds are from West Elm so lets add those to the shopping list!  I'll take one or two of these please!

This image is a much more formal than the last, though it may just be thanks to the formal color choices.  I love the striped painted floor and the rustic chandelier.  Let's put those in the basket too! These black trimmed curtains are spectacular! Simple and yet insanely chic. 

This is by far the most casual of these inspiration images.  It makes me think of a bed and breakfast.  I love the graphic and modern indoor/outdoor rug that picks this up from potentially being Grandma's sunroom and brings it into modern day.  Another modern element was the uber sleek ceiling fan.  For me? Yes, please!  I love that this porch has a dedicated dining area.  It may take away from some of the lounging space but I can see myself {and maybe I'll let Matt come too} enjoying a meal admiring the warm summer nights with the ceiling fan cooling us and not having to worry about any rogue mosquitoes.  So I would add a dining table and chairs along with those day beds for relaxation. I love this Teak set from Pottery Barn.  Oh Pottery Barn, how I love thee.

The last thing I would add to my million dollar sunroom is a beautiful antique looking wood burning stove.  My mother has one in her living room and when the whole family is home in the winter, we all cuddle together in the living room around the fireplace.  I would love to have this same feeling in the 3 season porch.  In fact, with the stove, it may be able to be a smidge longer than three! 

So all together, I would have a lounging area with day beds from West Elm and a Teak dining area from Pottery Barn, sitting on a graphic painted wood floor, with a rustic chandelier, and a wood burning stove, veiled in luxurious curtains.  But now I have to find that million dollars... oh yeah, and a house....

Have a wonderful weekend Nesters! See you on Monday!

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