Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I think I have a problem....

I'm totally and utterly addicted to lamps.  It's got to be a disease right? Lampitis? Viral Lampolisys? I used to see a shirt, then dream about it for days until I finally hauled back to the store and got it.  Well nowadays, I've been following the same pattern, but with lamps.  You remember the No. 5 Target lamp I was stalking a while back, right? 

Well, I've done it again... 

...and again...

No, you're not seeing double.  

I bought two of the same lamp and put them in two different rooms.  I know that's redundant of me but I had my reasoning.  First, I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to put it/them- whether I picked up one or two.  I figured, if I got two, I would have the option of changing out the plain lamps I have flanking the couch if I wanted.   But I picked them up at TJ Maxx which is going to have a high turnover rate for their merchandise and would potentially not have the option to go back for a second one, had I changed my mind.  So I got two, thinking I could return one if I had too many.  They were a pretty good deal at $29.99.  Would I rather have spent $14.99 on them?  You bet your bottom dollar!  But they were worth the price, plus I received a nice little "donation" for Christmas which covered them and then some! WOO!

They are an adorable faux mercury glass finish that matches everything. However, work particularly well with the candle sticks I got for the Christmas decor....

In the bed room I was dying without a light near or on my dresser. I could barely see myself in the mirror!

Again, the gray shade is neutral enough to work with any color scheme.  The bonus is that its big enough to shed a good amount of light, yet small enough so it doesn't take over the entire dresser.  The lamp balances well with the vanity tray on the other side of the dresser, filling out the space nicely.

So how'd you like the newest addition?  I told you I love buying myself Christmas presents!  Have you guys found anything in the post-Christmas sales that you couldn't say "no" to?  Or maybe some of you have done the same thing as me, splitting up two of the same lamp in two different spaces?  Do tell!! We're all dying to hear what you have to share.

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  1. I like the split. Good work and what a great deal!

  2. LOVE your lamps, but then again, I'm not surprised by your style achievement!

    If only the rest of us could be so talented... ;)


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