Friday, December 3, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars: Teenie Weenie Bubbles

Heya Nesters! Back to our weekly retreat to LaLaLand where we imagine all the things that could be if we has checkbooks that balanced out to look like Bill Gates.  Or I guess I would even take Jay Z.  If I already gave myself an awesome master bath I can't forget our visitors and give them a mini guest bath or two. 

 I am obsessed with this little mini sink in here. Yeah that chandelier isn't too shabby either.  *hearts*

In stark contrast to the above vintage looking sink, this space saving floating toilet is uber modern and would definitely be a topic of discussion.  {On the other hand maybe you don't want to talk about toilets...}  And I'm not even going to touch on the creepola picture with the floating head. But I'm going to go ahead and guess she is "praying to the porcelain Gods"? I could also do without the wallpaper.  Eek....

Ah, back to that vintage, wall mounted sink that I love. And it has the gray and white color scheme that I heart. But lets focus on those fabulous sconces, shall we? The chrome finish reflects more light allowing it to feel slighter and brighter.  They are long, and thin allowing them not to feel imposing in such a small space.  I think this might be my favorite so far. 

I love the bold color choice in this space and the clever storage that builds up, utilizing the height of the room, instead of requiring the width. Which is obviously lacking.

Now this wild child, like the first image, has some pretty amazing wall paper.  Just because it's a small space doesn't mean you have to play it cool with your colors or your patterns.  Just because I'm a small lady, doesn't mean I have to wear only solid pastels, right?!  I don't think so. Add a little pizazz! Dress it up! Make it fun!

What do you think? Do you have a half bath? Or maybe just want one? Do you have a vintage wall mounted sink that I would be in love with?  Go ahead: Make me jealous.  What about wall paper? Do you have an awesome bold color or wallpaper in your mini bathroom?  I want to hear it all!  I love your comments so lets see how you all weigh in.  Well, that wraps it up for this week Nesters! I hope you have a lovely weekend!  Come back Monday for more from Temporary Nest.


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3