Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Gallery Grows

Heya Nesters! One of my favorite gifts I get for my birthday and Christmas are prints of my fathers vast portfolio of photographs from the late 60's and early 70's.  He has such amazing works and when I had my quick stint with art photography in college, his were my biggest inspiration.

{Image of the Triboro Bridge courtesy of my Daddio}

My collection has been somewhat scattered all over in many of my apartments. But in this new place, I wrangled them into two locations. One larger one is in the bathroom.

The remainder of them are on my gallery wall above my arm chair. 

When Matt and I were in New York, my Dad gave me another framed image and a little mini antique mirror. This is one I actually hadn't seen before!  Exciting!  Once we got home, I stole a couple other images that were scattered around the apartment and my two newbies!  Here's how it turned out.

I love that it looks more full.  I have a pending project that has left a blank canvas waiting to be filled sitting in a drawer. {More on that later!} Luckily I saw an phenomenal idea on Real Simple and busted out some of my curlable ribbon for the holidays and "wrapped" my canvas.  It covers the unsightly fuse box that is directly above the lamp.  It was like having a spotlight right on it. I love that now it's out of sight and out of mind! 

I'm still not done with this wall. I think I'll just keep adding to it! Floor to ceiling, baby! So what do you guys think? Should there be a limit to your gallery wall? Or are you all about going overboard?  Or maybe you hate gallery walls entirely? Do tell! I love your comments and we're all dying to hear!


  1. I think there's no limit to a well done gallery wall! Love yours and how you mix photos with other bits of art.

  2. Thanks Andrea! Soon I will have exclusively gallery walls and they'll be floor to ceiling! Haha One can never have too much art!


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