Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fish Eddy: Wine-o

Heya Nesters!  Today, I wanted to share with you the really cool Italian wine glasses that Joe and Molly gave me for Christmas.  Living in NYC, they have real-life access to stores that most of us can only peruse online.  One of those stores {Besides ABC} is Fish Eddy.  They have SUCH cool and unique stuff.

via Poppytalk

I thought it was so funny that they got me anything from Fish Eddy because last Christmas I had been eyeing their 212 New York Skyline plates to get for Joe and Molly! 

Via Fish Eddy
Isn't that super cute? Instead, I instructed my dad to get them the CB2 Urban Mandala duvet set. {Which is sadly, no longer available.}

Anyway, go check out Fish Eddy's really awesome website and check out the fabulous wine glasses they got me in hopes of fostering a Two-Buck-Chuck wine drinking habit.

Each glass is different and they came in that adorable little Happy Meal box.  {Without the empty calories.}  I love each one of them for their individuality and I feel like I have to decide what mood I'm in before I decide what glass to choose. 

More awesome additions to the nest coming to you soon! What did you guys get for Christmas? Anything from a fantastical store that you've only perused online and could only imagine what it's like in person?? Spill it! We're all dying to hear!! 

Happy New Year, Nesters!

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