Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ribbon Redo

Heya Nesters!  The other day I showed you my canvas present hanging on my wall. 

And while I was happy at first with my free Christmas decor... it quickly faded. 

It was wimpy.  Yes, you heard read me right. Wimp-ola. It wasn't woven ribbon, it was the curlable kind.  So, after cleaning out the good ole silver chest of drawers, I found some pretty awesome woven ribbon.  The light bulb went off.

So. Much. Better. 

I couldn't believe I didn't even know I had this! I don't remember what I even bought it for in the first place! But there it was, calling my name "Gina! ... Make me into crafty goodness!"  Off the gold ribbon went and on went the green.  One catch: There wasn't enough to make a bow. Ratz.

So I just tied it in a knot and thankfully it was a wired ribbon so I wrapped it around my finger and it gave the essence of a bow. 

It makes a much bolder statement and works better with the heavier black frames. Hooray!  It works so much better! 

What do you think? Did you like the more dainty look of the gold, or the bolder more in-your-face green ribbon? Do tell, I truly love to hear all of your comments, good and {hopefully not too} bad. So spill it!!


  1. LOVE! what a fantastic idea! and I agree, the green goes well with the thick black frames...

    and the ribbon calling your name... crafty goodness... haha love that. I think I have a whole drawer that has been saying something like that, I just needed a translator to help decipher. so thank you. I best go tend to that.


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3