Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stalking... Um Stocking...

Heya Nesters!  I don't know that I've ever impressed upon you guys how desperately I want a mantel. I'm talking I have dreams about having a mantel to adorn. It's sick.  I peruse Craigslist constantly looking for a free one that I could somehow jerry rig into my apartment. {Where would I put it? I have no idea but I would sleep on the floor if that's what it took.} And that fanatical obsession desire has only grown stronger with the holiday season and the introduction of stockings to my life again.

I wish this was my house.... but nope... its not...

 So since I don't have said mantel, my stockings have been displaced to the TV stand.  They're a little sad, hanging only a mere couple inches off the ground.  I picked up the simplest weighted stocking hooks I could find.  Happily, I picked up a set of these two for 8 bucks! I wouldn't exactly call them pewter though.  They're more like oil rubbed bronze color.  {Thanks Tar-jay. Misleading us once again.}  I like them because they blend in with the wood color and don't interfere with everything else I have going on.

Once upon a time, I picked up the sequined stocking for my evil third roommate because I had two enormous high heeled stockings that were totally apropos for a two single gals living in the city.  But then it became three single gals living in the 'burbs.  And now it's down to one taken gal living in the even further 'burbs.  It just seemed silly to have one high heeled stocking and have the sequined one be Matts'.  Something had to give.  

{Everyone say "Hi' to Mr. Shuester.  Glee doesn't stop just because I'm taking pictures!}
I packed away the heels, kept the sequined one and picked up a nice green velvet one for my Gingerbread Man for a whopping $2.99!  I would have gotten a matching one with a "G" as well but it was pretty well picked over and I had to scour just for this "M."  Which brings me to another point: Do you know how hard it is to find anything with a G on it? I feel bad for kids named Xavier.  Now THAT must be impossible!!  But I digress...

So what kind of stockings do you Nesters have?  Or maybe you don't have any at all? What do you do with your old ones?  Sell them on Craigslist or keep them for sentimental value?  Do you share my crazy obsession with mantels? {More on that later this week!} Do tell! We're all dying to hear! 

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  1. Oh, I want a mantel so bad. Growing up I had two that would be my dream!

  2. Oh yes I love a fire place mantel! I have a fireplace and mantel... but it is outside... hmmm... maybe I can make that work! :)

    I have these 2 stockings from target. They are pretty simple, cross-stitched. but I like them... speaking of which.. I forgot to blog about mine! coming soon! :) thanks for the inspiration! :)


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