Friday, December 31, 2010

Everything's coming up roses... Again!

Heya Nesters! Happy New Year! I wanted to leave you off this new year on a sweet, soft note.  My dad stayed the night on Tuesday as our pseudo Christmas. As you may have seen on my Tweets but he gave me a Droid X to foster my blogging habit. {It has also insighted an Angry Birds habit.  Damn those pigs!} But while out at the fabulous local gourmet grocer Russo's, he also picked me up some gorgeous roses. 


There was a combination of yellow roses and pinky-peachy ones. Ugh! How can you not fall in love with these?

They live in the kitchen to brighten it up a bit. The color is so spectacular but I love the black and white pictures I took of them.  I want to print and frame them. 

My New Years resolution is to take better pictures for this blog. To learn how to use my manual mode.  I also want to do more DIY's.  Well I hope you all enjoyed pics and that you all enjoy the holiday tonight! But most importantly, stay safe.  What is your New Years resolution? Anything fun? Maybe you resolve to eat more cake? Or go to every flea market you can find? Spill it!

ATTENTION: It is the last day for Cans for Comments!! We are up to 54 cans! So make today count! Happy New Year, Nesters!


  1. Beautiful photos. GG!
    Love you.


  2. The stylish blogger award was given to you from Moon Walk! Congrats! Visit my blog tomorrow to see the award! Keep up the good work. I just love your blog.


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