Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree...

Heya Nesters!  And we're back here on a Monday morning and we're T-Minus 19 days until Christmas.  Holy moly.... saying that out loud typing that makes me cringe a little just knowing how much I am supposed to get done in the next 3ish weeks.  But yesterday, Matt and I ticked one box off the checklist. 

Decorate Tree...


I picked up some great finds at Target last week that you can see here that were a great deal! I had been concerned about not having enough ornaments to fill the tree, so I picked up a few $1 sleeves of unbreakable, boldly colorful ornaments.   Little did I know I would end up having a surplus of ornaments that I would end up packing back away.

I grew up in one of those houses where we put every single ornament on the tree and layered that puppy up like there was no next year! So, I stuck with what I knew!  The garland is probably a good 30 feet long and was hand made by yours truly with the help of a former roomie.  I hand cut strips of craft paper and stapled them together in a color pattern.  Matt had to help me with this portion because flinging it over the top wasn't working for my 5' stature. 

You'll notice the cute little berry-looking things poking off the edges of the branches. I picked those up at a local farm stand several years back.  I picked up 3 colors: mauve, silver and white.  They really add a festive look and dare I say it-- I think I like them better than tinsel!! Can you believe that!? I know.  I was about to do tinsel too, but it just seemed like overkill. {As if it wasn't overkill already.}  Matt and I were happy with the overall outcome.  But my fave was him putting the bow on the top. 

It was another Target purchase from my spree last week.  It was in the outdoor decoration section but after being disappointed with their tree topper selection, I spotted this. It was perfect.  It was "Gina."  It was mine! 

I think it looks a little Dr. Suess-ish and as Matt put it "whimsical."  I'm really happy with my first tree that is mine... all mine.  And I guess since he decorated it with me, its Matt's too.

So, I know most bloggers have color themed trees or the perfect looking tree but this is the one thing that I am gung ho about: My tree will always be mismatched.  It will always be over-packed, over-kill and over-decorated. And I'm okay with that. The holidays are about being purely happy.  My tree, and decorating it with my main squeeze make me purely, sugary sweetly, happy.  I hope you like it, Nesters! Have you put yours up yet?  Dish!  I want to hear all about your decorating.


  1. B-e-a-Utiful tree. Love the ribbon topper!

  2. Thank you Laura!! I just became you're newest follower! :)


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