Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY Project: Girlie Bookshelf

Heya Nesters!  Well I have to admit, I kind of forgot to post about this DIY.   It's not entirely done but I thought it was dramatically different enough to show you the "during" portion. A while back {so far back that they were taken in the old apartment!!} I introduced you to this bookcase that my dad and I made when I was a kiddo. It hold sentimental value and I am a total sap so there was no way I could get rid of it. But at the time I made it I LOVED pink, flowers and Hanson. {I know... I not only dated myself but I made myself "that girl"}

And while I'm totally sappy and struggle with change... I could not have that hangin' around all pink and flowery.

Not bad stencil handy work for a pre-teen!

So I did something about it. First things first, I called my dad and got his approval for the modification.  His only caveat: That wasn't allowed to paint over our signatures on the back {Sadly, mine reads "HANSON RULES"... I wish I was kidding *hangs head in shame*}

Thank you Mr.  Masking Tape.

And I started sanding to remove some of the finishing coat. Once sanded and wiped down with a damp cloth, I started priming with Latex primer.  And I primed and primed and primed.  I learned my lesson with Buttercup.  Prime it evenly and fully!

Once fully dried, I used a white semi-gloss spray paint and sanded between each coat.  Again be sure any gunk from sanding is wiped away with a damp cloth.  I was very happy with the results.  Those stencils covered without a problem!

Here it is, back in it's place! HUGE difference, right? Again, it is only in the "during" stage. The leather sitting on top of it, is a discount hide that I picked up at Tandy Leather and I plan on making into a cushion for the top.

This is an essential piece in my room because it houses all the things that gussy me up!  The basket inside, holds all my headbands, and the other half holds make up and jewelry with some additional junk of course.  So I would like to hide it it much the way Three Men and a Lady did.

{Via Three Men and a Lady. She is just spectacular at what she does isn't she?}  
A girl can dream, right??

So there you have it Nesters! My latest and greatest bookshelf! I can't wait to finish it up after the holidays.  Sorry for the lack-o-projects lately! I will make it up to you after the holidays I SWEAR! So dish, guys.  Do you have something that you struggled with changing or maybe you just can't do it and it stays as is?  What is that thing for you?  I can't wait to hear all about it!


  1. One item on my project list that may never get completed is our headboard. The headboard and frame came from my husband J's grandparents' farm house and as such, I have been instructed I am not allowed to paint or touch it in any way. Luckily the stain is in fairly good shape, but I think its star burst cutouts would look great painted white or with upholstery behind the cutouts!

    You can sort of see our headboard in this post: but we have a lot of pillows so its partially obscured :)

  2. Oh I really like it! I LOVE the high posts! I'm sure you could make it lovely but I understand that they might not want it changed since its a family heirloom. Maybe you could sew a slip cover over top of it to make it look more modern and that way you wouldn't be hurting it a bit! :)

  3. Have I told you lately how awesome your title banner is? Have I?

    Your title banner is awesome.

  4. Why thank you Ma'am!! I have my brother Joe to thank for that! He is a PHENOMENAL graphic designer and illustrator and whipped that up for me in no time after a convo about typefaces (because we're that nerdy!) He is the best! Check out his stuff here.

    :) And I know... I love it too.... <3 hehehe

  5. A slip cover is a great idea. I'm also thinking if I upholster the back of it and have the fabric sort of pop out of the cutouts, I can update the look without touching the finish (I think that is what they are most concerned with!)

    I too love the high posts (shh I sometimes use one of them to hold my ponytail bands at the end of the night!)

  6. hehehe I would do the same thing!

  7. Thanks for the feature. Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  8. Love the way the bookcase came out! Amazing what a coat of white paint can do!! Your blog is inspiring me big-time! If things ever slow down at TJX, I will be tackling my long overdue "yellow" room, so named because of the bright color I painted it when we 1st moved in (BTW, it's no longer yellow, but the name stuck!). It is my office/craft area, so if I can get it done this Spring, boy, that would be WONDERFUL! Tks for inspiring me Gina!


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3