Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Temporary Nest!

I just wanted to take a moment on this Christmas Eve to thank each and every one of you for your readership and kind words.  Your constant source of of inspiration and motivation keep me doing projects and writing this blog every day. So without further adieu: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

But that's not all!! I have eye candy for you all.  But this time, it's pretty and its actually candy...

I was Christmas shopping a few days ago and I fell in love with something for myself. Oops!  I refrained from the purchase.  After all, it's Christmas, you buy for others, not yourself.  Right? But I kept thinking and thinking about it.  So today I buzzed over to TJ Maxx and picked it up.  What is it you ask?   Well step back and allow me to add to my glass collection.

Oh yeah.  A bell jar. Long ago, I referenced Joni and Erics' house tour on Apartment Therapy. {AKA home blog Mecca.}  I already replicated their idea of a nest under glass because, well, what is more appropriate for me to have a NEST in my temporary nest?  But I always truly wanted the classic, scientific bell jar and they don't come cheap.  So when I spied one at TJ Maxx for $19.99 I had to get it. 

I also picked up a fun, round, silver beaded place mat for a festive touch!  I had to quickly figure out what to put inside it though.  An empty bell jar just looks bizarre.  Earlier this week, I got a special delivery of fudge and cookies from my brother and sister in law so I thought since they would be over later that night, I should make a her hard work look as appreciated as it is.

I used a white ceramic bowl {left over from a floral centerpiece from a friends bridal shower}, a red ceramic custard cup, and a large wine glass and filled each with the gustatory goodies. And of course I sprinkled a couple ornaments in there to bring the same look from the bookshelf into the kitchen.

In case you were wondering: Yes.  They are as good as they look. Go Molly!

So there you have it. For under $30, I have got myself the versatile centerpiece that I've been dreaming about. I hope you like it, Nesters!  

And most importantly I hope you have a very happy holiday season and even happier New Year. <3


  1. Merry Christmas Gina! Love the bell jar and silver cute and festive :)


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