Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fa la la la la -Remix!

Heya Nesters!  I started gathering my goodies for Christmas before Thanksgiving and first showed you this vignette.

But I got a nice little {on clearance} addition at Target over the weekend! YAY!

Remember a while ago I was ogling various trays for various reasons around the house?   I even successfully picked one up shortly there after! 

Well now that that vanity tray need was filled, I still wanted something a little more substantial to use in the living room for random decorative needs.  I had my eye on this puppy from Target {that sadly is no longer on their website.} for a while.

And I just so happened to be at Target on Sunday morning and I waltzed down a random isle, and a little red clearance sticker caught my brown eyes! It was on my tray!  I plopped one in my cart {remember I told you I strongly believe in giving gifts to yourself at the holidays} and off to the check out I went!

I got home thirteen dollars poorer and I stripped the dotted bag off it and rearranged my Christmas display.

I'm sorry my house is so DARK!

I like the change so much better. I feel like the pillar holders are more grounded with the furs beneath them and the mirrored bottom of the tray makes this already glitzy display a little glam.  I love it!

My only qualm is that it doesn't sit flat.  I didn't look at every tray and find the best one. I should have but I was too excited! Maybe in due time, with a little weight on it, it will settle flat.  Here's to hopin'!  Well there you have it Nesters! I hope you like the latest and greatest deal!  What have you gotten yourself as a gift lately?  Or did you find an awesome deal that you just had to pick up? Do tell! I love to hear your comments. And don't forget Cans for Comments is still running! So leave them!


  1. I love perusing the clearance end caps at Target for deals! Sometimes their clearance items aren't really clearance prices, but it makes the good deals I do find all the better.

    This isn't a super recent find but the best Target deal I ever found was on Rachael Ray pots and pans. The ten piece set was originally $130.00 marked down to $50.00. At the time I worked at Target so I was able to get an extra 5 percent off. Now that's a bargain! :)

  2. K-T! Whatta bargain you got!! That is a SERIOUSLY good deal! Great hunting!!

  3. another can from Holyoke Home! Love the trees!

    Maybe a tripod for the camera for xmas?

  4. hahaha I know!! I have a tripod from college that I use all the time but I don't know how to control my shutter speed (to allow for more light to come in and make my pictures lighter!) on my digital camera! I have to bust out the owners manual! I guess it's what you get for living in a "garden level" apartment!


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