Monday, October 11, 2010

Peter Peter Pumpkin Carver

Heya Nesters! Good Monday morning to you all and of course a happy Columbus day weekend for those of you who have today off! {That does not include myself, I still have to work and that requires two thumbs way down for that...} This weekend has been a whirlwind of a weekend for this gal. Between trying to recover from the dregs of this lingering cold, and shooting over to hang out with the visiting Joe and Molly, I carved myself a fabulous pumpkin. 

Matt's sister hosted a little family pumpkin carving party where we all went out to pick our own pumpkins together.  I personally think I picked the PERFECT pumpkin.  After some serious up-to-my-elbow's de-gutting I got to work.  Surprisingly the most coveted tool of the day was the little tiny knife from the dollar store {or right here} kit that no one thought would work!  So there is my tip of the day, go get it! They really work!!  

But here is my gal.  If you don't recognize her, it's Marilyn Pumroe.  Get it?? Marilyn Monroe as a pumpkin... pum + roe, Pumroe...? Maybe? Anyway, you can tell by the beauty mark!  She's also sporting the long lashes and the big pout-y bee-stung lips, and don't forget the slight look of surprise. 

Matts' love for all things video game related, drew him to carve Pacman eating the dots and an evil ghost! And boy-o-boy did it turn out GREAT!

We were pretty proud of our little pair, despite both of our lack of good health. {Also, I swear Matt grew or I got shorter, he looks SO much taller than me here!}

Well we had fun doing it but lets be real: pumpkin carving is not my forte.  I'll stick to sewing.  In fact maybe next year I can just sew a little jacket for the pumpkin instead of carving?? You'll have to wait and see! So what about you, my lovely Nesters? Did you do any fun and creative pumpkin carvings yet this year? Is your tradition to carve them on Halloween night? Or have you done anything festively Halloween-y? Please share! We'd love to hear all about it, so spill!


  1. Here's what I did last year!

  2. Haha! Oh how cute!! what a great idea!


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