Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Couldn't I Commit?

Heya Nesters!  Welcome back to Monday!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Let me start by saying I have been spending far too much money lately.  With Christmas around the corner, I am trying to tighten my belt.  But did you guys notice something missing in the reveal of my nightstand mirrors?

I don't have any throw pillows on my bed!!  I know, I know. What kind of a faux interior design fan am I?!
For a long time I couldn't visualize what I wanted for my bedroom.  I knew I always loved all the geometric pillows like the one I made for my couch. 

I was so distraught though because as much as I am a fan of combining patterns (plaids and polka dots are a personal fave of mine) but I could not combine the patterns that I was drawn to.  

They were too similar.  The bed would have looked like a vibrating ball of stress, not the tranquil hideaway that a bedroom should be.  But the light dawned the other day because I recently changed my duvet cover back to my darker, "winter" duvet.

Suddenly I had a blank slate again and I could refresh my vision.  I knew I wanted monotone but texture. Yes.  New textures in the same color family will be perfect.  

Well good thing I lucked out at Home Goods and I snapped up 2 pillows for $12.99 each that were perfect!!  Check out how they look layered up on the bed. 

Pretty fantastic right? The beige one is a very soft velvet and of course the round one is a shantung flower-like pillow and I love the way they work together!  They will translate well back into the lighter, summery duvet cover above. I will have to keep on the look-out for more throws or fabric that I can whip up into a new pillow.  I can be proud to say that I have gotten over my fear of committing to throw pillows for my bed.  

Next is a headboard upgrade but that might be a smidge down the road still... a girl can dream can't she? What do you Nesters think of the newest addition to my boudoir?  Whats the best deal you got on your throw pillows? Or have you had a fear of commitment of any product you need for your home?  Spill those beans! 

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